An Investment Better Than Bitcoin?

One of my friends invested into Bitcoin and came out big. He more than doubled his initial investment in just a few weeks. His only regret is not buying it months before because he would have made even more. He is desperate for the “new Bitcoin”. So, what is the best investment? In my opinion, it is something that will pay off no matter what. What I mean by that is – an investment that pays off no matter if the market goes up or down. My answer is an investment into your health specifically as an investment. Here is my (very obvious) five-point list:

Shoes: Buy shoes that fit now and not after they are stretched out. Your feet are bigger in the evening than in the morning. If your feet are different in size, buy the shoes to fit your bigger foot. Make sure they give you adequate support ($5 flip flops might not).

Timing: That’s a no brainer, but I see it daily. Invest into your health now. Not when it’s too late.

Exercise: Books and books have been written about this subject. In short, we would all do well if we could raise our level of flexibility, strength and endurance. I personally like working out with a qualified trainer because he keeps me accountable and makes sure I don’t get hurt. The one big thing is that exercise should be fun – get creative and turn it into a fun event.

Injury Prevention: Pretty straight forward because if you can follow the list, you should have less injuries and that in itself is as good as money in the bank. For me personally, it means that I should be able to work longer without being forced into retirement due to injuries.

Nervous System: That’s what I do every day – working with patient’s nervous systems and freeing them of nerve pressure. Your body is being controlled by your nervous system and any interference with that mechanism will decrease function and therefore health.

Invest into your own health, as I am sure it will pay off in the future.