How To Stay Healthy?

It seems to me that everyone around me, including myself is trying to chase health. In the shopping center, we flock towards organic foods. I am trying to look for green labels which supposedly promote the natural healthy stuff. Just recently I went to a store looking for some healthy protein shakes. On the label that was a big green corner and it said the protein was from grass fed cows. That was good enough for me. I picked up a pack but on further inspection I realized they added artificial sweeteners into the shakes. I found it just in time in super fine print at the register.

Next, I was looking to buy some fish. There seem to be two choices: wild caught or farm raised. Farm raised is much cheaper, maybe because of chemical run off from local fields? It could also be the use and overuse of antibiotics. So, I think I’ll opt for Ocean fresh fish. Unfortunately, I recently found out about the radioactive run off from the Japanese Fukushima powerplant reached our western shores. In addition, I know that certain heavy metals will accumulate in fish: the bigger the fish, the more toxins are present. Guess I will just stick to tiny sardines out of cans.

I don’t even want to talk about other additional things we are supposed to do for health, such as $20 bottles of magic juice, vitamin and mineral packs, etc. To be honest the only thing that I know for sure that will improve health is your own brain. Our brain knows exactly how to digest even the worst kind of food, in order to get some decent nutrition out of it. This brain also knows exactly how much hydrochloric acid your stomach needs to digest food.

The logical question is, how does the brain control every organ, gland and muscle in the body? Relatively simple. With use of an intricate cable system called the nervous system to send messages away from the brain and receive messages towards the brain. The biggest one which is directly attached to the brain is the spinal cord which happens to be protected by your backbone. Obviously, it’s not just a bone, but 24 individually freely movable bones called vertebrae.

So, if you ever do visit the chiropractor just know that he or she works with your nervous system. The goal is not just to get your spine cracking or to get rid of your back pain or headaches – the goal is to remove any interference to the nervous system which is being used by the brain to control the rest of the body and therefore ensure proper function and the resulting health.

For me personally, I cannot control what I eat 100%. Sugar and possibly toxins are in foods and I have no control over it. The only thing that I can control is how my body digests the food and how my body functions. That’s the reason why I get adjusted. For me and my patients, it’s not just about pain, it’s about function.