Your Immune System

In a paper from May 6th 2011 Dynamic Chiropractic, research has shown that chiropractic can indeed do more than just help neck pain, headaches or sciatica. Don’t get me wrong, if this is all chiropractic could do I would still have my hands full with patients asking for just that. And I have to be honest most of my new patients come to see me just for these conditions. Most of them are sick and tired of spending huge amounts of money and then given pills and ointments just to get sick of the side effects of these pills and still have the same symptoms as before.

No, I am actually talking about a collection of studies showing why chiropractic patients benefit tremendously of chiropractic care even if they don’t hurt. You read correctly: Chiropractic can benefit patients who are basically pain free. Patients report of “improvements of complaints related to immune problems: the disappearance or lessening of allergy symptoms, quicker recovery from or less frequent and severe colds and other respiratory infections…”

What does this mean for my family and me? Well we really don’t get sick (I have to admit we do get allergies from time to time and I did have one or two bouts of food poisonings over the last 15 years or so). But otherwise we really didn’t get sick. And many of our patients report the same. How is this possible? The answer can be found as always in the nervous system. This system controls every single function of the human body, including your immune system. Any interference to this system will decrease the function to it, so identifying spinal problems and correcting these can potentially boost your immune system.